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Device Dependent Software Solutions

Time Attendance Management, Salary Management, Warehouse Management, CRM, School Management & etc.

Time & Attendance Software

Accurate Time Management

Precise control of personnel entry and exit and definition of various work shifts make it possible to better manage time.

Establish Discipline

With better time management and using entry and exit rules, discipline can be established in the workplace.

Higher Efficiency

Discipline and optimal use of time in work environments increase staff productivity.

Easy to Use & Accurate Performance

Insert Personnel
Inserting personnel details in working groups along with their employment and financial information.
Define work shifts with full details and appointments to staff individually or in groups at desired intervals.
Sync With Device
Connect to the device through the network to send personnel information and receive attendance information.
Insert the Required Data
Registration of leaves, missions and overtime permits. Enter unregistered logs and make necessary changes.
Get Reports
Generate complete reports of personnel performance individually and in groups for printing and file output.

Payroll Management Software

Financial Resource Management

Accurate calculation of personnel salaries through this software prevents additional and erroneous costs.

Employee Satisfaction

With this software, employees will be relieved that their rights will not be lost.

Free from complex calculations

All specialized formulas and salary calculations are done easily and quickly in this software.

Accurate Calculation of Salary in 4 Steps

General Settings
Insert payment items and salary deductions, required formulas and general default settings for processing employee salaries
Individual Settings
Enter the salary information of each person, including the hourly and daily base salary and insert specific items to be included in the salary
Sync With Time & Attendance App
Receive personnel attendance information from the attendance software and include them in predefined salary formulas
Get Reports
Detailed reports on staff salaries. Various types of pay slips, payroll, bank payroll and insurance list. Ability to customize reports.

Access Management Software

Integrated Access Management

Integrated management of all entrance doors, exit doors and personnel with the ability to make changes to accesses online.

Access Level

Define time limits allowed for traffic through each door and for each individual or group. Ability to define hybrid access.

Reporting and Monitoring

View online the status of doors and traffic, as well as the possibility of preparing complete reports of personnel traffic.

Discipline & Security At The Highest Level

Connect to Devices
Connect to access control devices via local network and internet.
Insert Personnel
Insert personnel information along with their grouping and access levels.
Setup Access Levels
Define schedules and access levels. Ability to define hybrid access.
Control the Passages
Online status control of doors. Open Doors Online. Online traffic monitoring.
Get Reports
View accurate reports of people traffic at any time. View traffic online.

Warehouse Management Software

Easy to Use

User-friendly work environment with very accurate and fast performance, based on professional principles of warehousing.

Accurate and Reliable

Accurate registration and control of the entry and exit of goods and their inventory. Types of accurate and practical cardex.

Professional Modules

Advanced warehouse accounting, product sleep, online viewing, driver identification with fingerprint sensor, sending SMS and ...

Comprehensive and Accurate Warehouse Management

Insert Merchants & Goods
Insert traders, groups and goods with detailed information. Ability to define goods in general.
Insert Transaction
Record goods receipts with full details and driver information. Transfer leaves and waste leaves.
Accounting Operations
Accurate calculation of warehousing costs with the ability to customize costs.
Get Reports
Inventory reports, types of cardexes and warehousing reports with very high accuracy.

School Management Software


From student registration to exams and production of transcripts. Everything in one comprehensive application.

Professional Exam System

Test resources, question bank, Types of answer sheets, auto test grader, types of test reports and student results.

Communication with Parents

Sending reports of grades, class activities, disciplinary activities and student attendance to parents.

Comprehensive, Professional & Integrated

Insert Students
Insert full student information and parent contact information.
Terms & Lessons
Define semesters, courses and classes in a categorized way.
Holding exams at the desired levels and conditions.
Class activities
Class grades, participation in matters and disciplinary cases.
Get Reports
Types of reports on students' educational status and test results.

Customers Management System

All-in-One Solution

Customer management, call management, sales and invoice management, support management task management and ...

Advanced Tools

Automatically search calls in Google, send SMS, chat, email, accounting, advertising campaigns and notifications.

Increase Efficiency

Professional interaction with customers and strong team communication among employees leads to improvement.

The Beating Heart of any Business

Insert Customers Information
Insert complete customer information in the tree structure
Insert Interactions
Insert calls, follow-ups, appointments and after-sales service reports
Sales Processes
Issuance of pre-invoices and invoices for the sale of goods and services
Task Management
Insert individual and group assignments and view progress reports
Get Reports
Personnel performance reports, financial and task reports

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