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Karapardaz Engineering Company was established in 1999 with the aim of operating in the field of software production. Then in 2003, professionally, by creating suitable platforms for software production using the latest technologies, existing methodologies and creating a space based on creativity and scientific innovation in the field of engineering and software development began to operate. Production of high quality software in accordance with international standards is one of the main goals of the company. The use of creative people with high scientific abilities is also included in the company’s program. The founders of this company are several graduates of software engineering who have worked in various fields of analysis, design and implementation of software systems. Here are some of our products:
  • Security and Control Systmes
  • Time Attendance& Sallary Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • School Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Types of websites and portals
  • Web Applications
  • Website & Portal

Areas of activity of KaraPardaz
production and development team

Windows App
Web Develpment
Mobile Apps
WebSite Design
Ul/UX Design

KaraPardaz Customers & Clients

Here you can see some of the companies and brands that we are proud to work with.

  • Address
  • 48, HoseiniRad, Valiasr, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone
  • 0098-21-41378
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